Green Energy Biofuel, was formally Midlands Biofuels.

We outgrew our name so we decided it was time for a new one! Originally only in S.C., Green Energy Biofuel now services over 1,000 restaurants, schools and recycling centers across all of SC and now also the Eastern Tennessee Knoxville & Chattanooga areas as well.

Same Owners, Same Great Service!!!

Our commitment to customer satisfaction is unmatched –  we collect frequently, we pay fairly, and we give back to the community.  Green Energy Biofuel collects statewide from restaurants, colleges, & recycling centers and has provided over 50 internship courses through USC, Clemson, and The Citadel to name a few.

Let’s work together to make the Southeast a greener cleaner place!

We are committed to being green in everything we do. We not only collect and recycle waste vegetable oil into clean burning biodiesel for use in our own fleet but we now sell and deliver directly to biofuel customers too.
CALL 803-718-6323 For Biodiesel Delivered To Your Door!!!