bethandjoe_1Green Energy Biofuel is a family-owned and operated recycling company located in Winnsboro, South Carolina. We recycle waste vegetable oils (WVO) generated from local restaurants and other food service industries throughout the state. We got our start in the USC Technology Incubator Program and graduated in August 2014.

Our mission:  To increase the availability of alternative fuels in the southeast,  to create sustainable jobs in the biofuels industry, and to raise awareness of environmental initiatives.

Green Energy Biofuel is the ONLY company in the state that collects, makes, AND sells biodiesel.   We created the local biofuels market and have a unique passion for its success.

At Green Energy Biofuel, we are all about recycling. We run all of our trucks and equipment off of the biodiesel we produce, and all of our motor oil is recycled motor oil from Revolutions Fuels.

Green Energy Biofuel specializes in custom blends of biodiesel that are designed to meet the specific needs of our eco-friendly clients. Our fuels and additives meet ASTM standards and are third party-tested and certified for quality.

Learn more about Green Energy Biofuel by browsing our website.  Contact us today with any questions about our initiatives, our processes, to sign up for grease collection, or to join in any of our fund raising and events to promote the biofuels industry. We look forward to hearing from you!

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