The Green Energy Biofuel Team

Meet the Green Energy Biofuel team and learn about our combined commitment to improving the environment and our state by recycling biofuels.


Image above (from left to right: Joe, Erwin, Matt B., Jason (TN), Jesús, Matt R, Ben, Adrian, David, Abby)


joe-renwickJoe Renwick, founder and process engineer – A 2001 graduate of The Citadel, Joe has spent most of his professional life running his own businesses. While working in the biotech equipment sales industry, he developed a passion for biodiesel and knowledge of pumps, tanks, and valves. Joe has devoted the past 8 years to researching, engineering and building a high-efficiency biodiesel production facility. He has worked with NASA engineers to develop the first Boilerless Technology(TM) heating system in the industry, as well as an increased efficiency methanol recovery system for the plant. Joe has been accredited as both the S.C. Steps to STEM Mentor and Apprenticeship Carolina Mentor, which was the first green apprenticeship program in the state.  Joe has presented at numerous industry forums discussing the company and the technology he and his staff have developed.

beth-renwickDr. Beth Renwick, CEO – Beth, BioJoe’s wife, is majority owner of Green Energy Biofuel. She graduated from the University of South Carolina School of Medicine and currently practices at Lexington Medical Center Emergency Room. In addition to being an ER doctor, Beth also cracks the whip and keeps all of the “Green Energy Biofuelers” in line.  She handles the taxes, books, and strategic planning at the plant.

abby-moralesAbby Morales, office manager – Abby interned with Green Energy Biofuel for two years while finishing her bachelor’s of science in chemistry at the University of South Carolina. She has recently realigned her passion for recycling and biofuels by officially joining the Green Energy Biofuel team, acting as the central hub for the company.

erwin-renwickErwin Renwick, “Mr. Fix It” – Joe’s Father and a jack of all trades, Erwin keeps everything in working order. Erwin assists in plant process design and refinement. His many years of practical experience give him a unique skill set that has proven invaluable. He was a motor sergeant in the U.S. Army, an architect, a business owner, a mechanic, and his experience in marketing, construction and he is now Green Energy Biofuel’s handyman where he puts all   that knowledge to use.

daryl-wattsDaryl Watts, regional collections and grease trap service specialist – Daryl has years of CDL driving experience and hauling knowledge. He covers Tennessee, Georgia, North Carolina and S.C., hauling waste from other biodiesel plants for further processing at Green Energy Biofuel. Daryl hauls more than 100,000 gallons per month helping reduce waste disposal costs at 12 other plants in the Southeast that process waste oil into biodiesel feedstock.

IMG_5125Matt Rosen, TN Plant Operator – A Clemson graduate, Matt is manufacturing biodiesel and keeping the plant at optimal production capacity. He handles the unprocessed WVO collected from around the state through the entire production process, performs lab testing, fuel reactions and produces ASTM certified fuel.

20170327_100218Matt Byler, Sales and Customer Service Manager – Matt is on the roads and shaking hands with new and established restaurant owners. He helps them achieve their goals of sustainable contributions to the community by setting them up with clean and efficient ways to recycling their waste cooking oil.

Penny Renwick, Collection Manager – Penny, also part of the Renwick clan, keeps track of all our clients and accounts. She maintains our systems to set optimal routes for collections and recycling centers.

IMG_5125Jesús Arellano, Assistant Plant Operator – Hailing from Venezuela, Jesús, a Chemical Engineer, aids in the production of biodiesel and lab testing.



IMG_5125David Isenhower, Collection Driver – David drives our collection truck throughout the state, servicing our clients with efficient pickups.



IMG_5125Jason Terry, TN Collection Driver – Jason works alongside Matt Rosen to collect waste cooking oil throughout Knoxville, TN.



20170327_100205Ben Vinson, Fuel Delivery and Collection Driver – Ben delivers different blends of biodiesel to our customers around the state. He also assist with cooking oil collections and processed oil deliveries.



IMG_5125Adrian Wilkes, Repair and Maintenance Man – Adrian is our newest member to the team, we are happy to have him on board! Adrian is a skilled welder and all-around fix-it man.

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