Fund Raising

bio-edu-1Green Energy Biofuel gives fund raising opportunities to restaurants and businesses with waste grease available for collection.  We calculate your waste grease revenue and give our customers the option to give back to their community or charity of their choice.  Your company’s waste grease can become a source of revenue or support a valuable cause!

We are proud to support local community businesses, charities, schools and organizations. Current charities and organizations receiving donations from Green Energy Biofuel include: The American Cancer Society, Boy Scouts of America, Girl Scouts of America, The American Red Cross, local schools, and more. Make your grease matter! Contact us today for more information on fund raising.

Featured Below: An Amazing Car Wash in Edisto for the Benefit of Local Schools



Featured Below: Teachers from all of S.C.’s 46 counties toured Green Energy Biofuel to learn more about recycling and the BIO4EDU Program




Featured Below: Green Energy Biofuel donates a $15,000 Biodiesel Processor to a Local S.C. School




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