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Green Energy Biofuel pays for grease by the gallon with no hidden agenda. In addition to helping sustain the environment, Green Energy Biofuel offers options to our customers to donate their payments to charities of their choice.

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We document and report collection volumes at each pick up to show you the amount of oil in your container. The calculation of your payment is printed clearly on the invoice of each payment so you know what you are being paid no smoke and mirrors here. Green Energy Biofuel is committed to being green in all ways. Green Energy Biofuel is the only company in the state that collects waste oil, processes the waste to convert it into biodiesel and sells biodiesel direct to the public or delivered to your farm or business; providing quicker waste grease collection turnaround time and getting you paid for your grease!

Sell your grease to Green Energy Biofuel.  If you haven’t signed up already, it is easy.  Simply contact us and we will meet with you to deliver a container and schedule pick up times.  We can even help you get rid of old collection bins as well.

We provide grease collection bins for your use.  We designed and built our own containers. They were developed and tested specifically to prevent spills and remain clean, and our containers are the easiest to use in the industry.

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In addition to collecting waste grease, we offer other services including pressure washing, upkeep of bins, and grease trap cleaning. Call us today to get started!

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